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The Next Generation of Cyclone Fabric

Now available in Australia

AstroGuard - unmatched protection for your home

AstroGuard is a high strength, high intensity nylon hybrid fabric which is coated in an ultra-durable, UV resistant resin.

  • Create lightweight, easily storable fabric storm shutters
  • Simple and rapid to install in the event of a cyclone or severe storm
  • Now the protection of choice in cyclone prone areas of the USA
  • Designed and manufactured specifically for this purpose to highest standards in the USA
  • There are currently NO alternative products available in Australia
  • Our system maintains a complete barrier to the elements even in the event of breakages behind it
  • Systems adapted from other materials like trampoline fabric are inferior in terms of strength, wind load       resistance, pressure envelope protection and waterproofing

Protecting your business

Cyclone Protection
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SunCorp and RACQ insurance are offering up to 20% reductions on insurance premiums if houses are protected with AstroGuard.

 Proven to withstand winds of over 300km per hour

 Impact testing with 4 kg blocks of timber travelling over 100km/hr (28m/second)

 Cyclone Testing Station, James Cook University, Townsville

 click here - View testing report

 click here - View testing videos

 click here - Comparison between plywood, metal and AstroGuard video

 Given category C cyclone protection rating

 The only system of its kind with this rating in Australia

 Resists wind, water and flying debris

 AstroGuard easily outranks metal panels and roll down shutters

 over two times stronger than any other products on the USA market

 Protects openings of any size, from the smallest of windows to garage doors

 Properly attached it buffers the intense loads and forces applied to structures behind it

 glass in windows and doors visibly bowed inwards before shattering during Yasi

 hinges, catches and locks gave way

 tracks on roller doors deformed and failed

 Astroguard will buffer these forces and may be the difference between structures holding or failing

Why use AstroGuard?

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Protection from pressurisation and wind and water damage

Pressurisation occurs when a window or door is damaged leading to a breach of the pressure envelope. The sudden change of pressure within the structure can precipitate rapidly evolving and sometimes catastrophic consequences.

AstroGuard protects these vulnerable openings maintains the pressure envelope by providing an effective wind and waterproof barrier even in the event of a breakage.

Some of the most severe damage is caused by rain forced into the house by the high speed winds after a breakage.

 Entire rooms may require replacement of internal walls and ceilings

 Homes may be unliveable until repaired

 Processes with assessments and insurance will take months if not longer

 Correctly fitted Astroguard will overlap openings ( see installation guide) which maintains the barrier to wind and water even in the event of a breakage behind it

 This also compensates for structures that may leak with rain under high pressure like louvre windows and older or damaged frames

click here - View testing videos

 Breach of the pressure envelope

 Sudden change of pressure within the structure can precipitate catastrophic events

 Some of the most severe damage is caused by water ingress - internal structures and contents destroyed

 AstroGuard maintains an effective wind and waterproof barrier even in the event of a breakage.

Quick and easy deployment

An entire house should not take more than an hour or two

The lightweight fabric is rapidly attached to hollow, threaded wall anchors that are left in place after the installation. All that is needed is a cordless drill.





Wall anchors - masonry and timber
Wall anchors - masonry and timber

Patented attachment system - specifically designed clips
Patented attachment system - specifically designed clips

AstroGuard is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.
AstroGuard is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications

Cost effective protection for your home

AstroGuard has an initial cost but is
 the only proven product on the market

 a 'once off solution' which will be more cost effective over the long term

 Adding to the house value

Metal shutter systems
 cost tens of thousands of dollars

 considered unattractive by many

 usually rely on electricity - we ALWAYS lose power early

Plywood sheets
 Significant cost when covering an entire house

 Usually get thrown away after a few years due to storage issues

 heavy and difficult to handle

 Handling them up ladders is potentially dangerous

 Storage is a problem (warping and mould)


Cyclone Protection Translucent MaterialAstroGuard is translucent. A surprising amount of light passes through - you will not feel 'boxed-in' or claustrophobic as one would with plywood or metal.

Why Astroguard for your business

 Do you have stock that may be damaged?

 Can you function afterwards if damaged?

 Can you remain solvent if your premises and contents are damaged and your business is unable to generate income?

 Many businesses have limited numbers of large windows and doors that are vulnerable and surprisingly cheap to protect

 Protecting these with our system may make all the difference

 Installing our protection will be Tax deductable

 Potential for reductions in insurance premiums ( we are working on it!)

UV protection

AstroGuard's special ceramic coating means that the fabric is completely protected from the effects of UV damage light and will last many years.

Easy storage solutions

AstroGuard fabric is


 Easily foldable

 Easy to store
Cyclone Protection Easy storage solutions

Highest production standards

 AstroGuard is manufactured using a completely automated system

 The final product is consistently delivered according to exacting strength and quality standards

Free cutting service

 We are proud to offer free cutting using the latest generation ProSail MK111 plotter / cutter technology.

 This will ensure that the fabric is cut to exact measurements and save many hours in your installation

 Please refer to our measuring and quote request form in the contact us section

 The nesting software with our cutter will reliably provide the most cost efficient use of fabric for your home by reducing wastage to the absolute minimum.

NB - please note we cannot be held responsible for incorrect measurements. Great care must be taken and we will require agreement on all sizes prior to cutting.

Important Notice

AstroGuard provides a versatile, lightweight and effective barrier against wind, water and some airborne debris that is common during cyclonic conditions. The product has been at the tested extensively in the USA and has undergone impact testing at the Cyclone Testing Station, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, James Cook University ("JCU"), Townsville.

The product has been rated as suitable protection in category C zones of cyclone prone areas of Australia. A copy of the JCU report can be found on this website.

While we have every confidence in the quality of the products we sell, buyers must be aware that the protection afforded by AstroGuard cannot be assured in conditions being more severe than those to which it was subjected during tests undertaken at JCU, as outline in the report referred to above. Moreover, sharp or jagged airborne objects (such as glass or sheet metal) may penetrate or pass through AstroGuard if carried by intense winds (whether more severe than those applied during JCU testing or not) or severe weather conditions.

We stand by the quality the AstroGuard product, as per the warranty document (if any) that we offer to buyers at the point of sale. However, to the extent that other warranties might apply to the product (through the operation of any Australian statute) which is capable of exclusion, those warranties are expressly excluded (and negatived) in respect of any products we sell or install for buyers.

The installation of AstroGuard (by persons other than ourselves) in a manner which is inconsistent with our instructions; or the failure of the structure to which AstroGuard is attached, will invalidate all warranties given in respect of it.

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